Neck Positions Are Dumb, Discuss.

Let's clear something up before watching the video. There's been some confusion in the  video comments which, I think, stems from the fact that there's 2 things often referred to as "Neck Positions", but only one of these is relevant here. The first is Scale Position - the note of the scale you begin on, ("starting on the … Continue reading Neck Positions Are Dumb, Discuss.

The Legitimacy Of Repetition If you repeat a "bad" musical idea enough, it begins to sound right. This can be a fun and unique music-making tool - you just have to believe it'll sound OK!  

My Favourite Chord: Stacked 5ths Today I'd like to introduce you to my favourite chord of all time. Behold: In my mind this chord could actually be any one of 3, depending on which note you decide to be the root: If the deepest pitch is the root then the middle note is it’s 5th, and the higher … Continue reading My Favourite Chord: Stacked 5ths