BOSS DD-200 Review

I was incredibly excited to be offered a chance to play around and explore BOSS’ new digital delay pedal, the DD-200. The embedded video review includes sound demos and a guide to the pedal’s functions.

Do I Have Too Many Guitars? This week's video is me showing off my guitars in roughly the order I got them and silently wondering: do I have too many guitars? I'm also talking about each guitar's origin story, mods, seeing if they work, playing a bit, generally enjoying my own company. Some of the dates I mention don't match … Continue reading Do I Have Too Many Guitars?

Presets & Templates for Speed Composing You can take hours off your composition timeline with presets and templates without compromising on originality - here's how. Features a BONUS TIP regarding mastering.

3rd Generation Scarlett 2i2 Review I'm super lucky to be one of the first in the country to play around with the brand new 3rd generation of Scarlett audio interfaces by Focusrite. In this review & overview we look at all the ins and outs of the new 2i2, along with the improvements made to the existing Scarlett range.

Ernie Ball Paradigm Strings – 2 Years Later Who hasn't changed their strings in just under 2 years - this guy, right here. Associate purchase links: Also, YES, I do say "a year" several times in the video, turns out it's actually closer to 2 years. Time flies. Oops.

Live Sampling & Radio Walkman I recently got hold of a cassette walkman with AM/FM radio, for use in my live synth rig. I can live sample long, evolving pads or ambient effects from cassette tape to give a retro, vapourwave-esque feel to performances. I also discover that I can sample live radio shows for an interesting, but much … Continue reading Live Sampling & Radio Walkman

Live Automation in Cubase for Guitars Live Automation is one of the easiest ways to transform a simple track into an exciting and explosive piece of music. Automating your guitar FX allows you to switch or fade-in FX and amp settings in studio tracks, exactly as you would in a live performance situation. I'm recording guitars into Cubase, modelling amps … Continue reading Live Automation in Cubase for Guitars