Note Durations Music theory lesson covering everything you need to know about note duration or note length. Specifically aimed at beginner guitarists and bedroom producers who have little to no understanding of rhythm or note values. Try to ignore the layer of sweat on my face. This has been the warmest day of my entire life. … Continue reading Note Durations

Neck Positions Are Dumb, Discuss.

Let's clear something up before watching the video. There's been some confusion in the  video comments which, I think, stems from the fact that there's 2 things often referred to as "Neck Positions", but only one of these is relevant here. The first is Scale Position - the note of the scale you begin on, ("starting on the … Continue reading Neck Positions Are Dumb, Discuss.

My Favourite Chord: Stacked 5ths Today I'd like to introduce you to my favourite chord of all time. Behold: In my mind this chord could actually be any one of 3, depending on which note you decide to be the root: If the deepest pitch is the root then the middle note is it’s 5th, and the higher … Continue reading My Favourite Chord: Stacked 5ths