Music Theory Is Dumb Some people feel overwhelmed by music theory while others are eager to learn as much as they can. But, why? What good is music theory if it's not applied directly to music creation or music performance? Alternate title: People Are Dumb. This video features snippets of my interview with 12Tone Videos - here is … Continue reading Music Theory Is Dumb

The Future of Guitar?

What is the future of guitar? Whilst some of the biggest brands are failing because they're not giving players what they want and others are focusing on making viral online content, what should us players do to stand out? All this effort going into sounding like guitars did “back in the day” when barely … Continue reading The Future of Guitar?

Jack of All Trades, Master of None There must be a downside to being good at everything? Or, at least, a downside trying to be good at everything? Today I'm examining the idea of being a "Jack Of All Trades", and whether this is beneficial or harmful to a musical career. I'm doing so by tracking my freelance career path, and … Continue reading Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Guitarists: (please), Stop Looking at Your Hands! Listen, guitarists, you need to stop looking at your hands, especially when I've paid money to see you perform a show, OK? Constantly staring at one's hands is one of the biggest signs of an amateur player and it's also bad stagecraft. Now, I'm not saying you should never look at your hands but … Continue reading Guitarists: (please), Stop Looking at Your Hands!