What is the process?

So you’ve decided that you’d like us to work together to help market your business. What does the process actually look like? What’s involved? The following is a typical content marketing routine, which will give you an idea of what to expect.

The first stage is for us to meet face-to-face to discuss your specific business goals and how you would like marketing or social media to play a part in that. The goal of this meeting is for me to answer any burning questions you might have, and to gather enough information to create a marketing plan, including:

  • Understand your business’ style;
  • Understand your customers or clients;
  • Create a list of which social media platforms you currently use; which you’re happy with and which you’d like to explore further.
  • Get a sense of our overall approach to marketing your busines. For example, are you looking for an overall marketing plan or do you need me to manage your community on Instagram?
  • What does success look like for you? How do we measure it?
  • Agree on the budget: is it an ongoing, monthly project with an upper cap on the budget? Is it a one-off job for a fixed fee?
  • Agree to a point in the future where we’ll review the marketing plan so far and make any adjustments we need to.

Using the above, I will then create a marketing plan that will work for your specific business. Creating a marketing plan is typically takes a month, for which I charge a fixed fee. The result is a document that is unique to your business which then becomes yours. The marketing plan will include:

  • Research into keywords, competitors and more;
  • Research into your customer demographics;
  • The agreed upon budget and a breakdown of the services I’ll be providing;
  • Suggestions on which social platforms to focus on and which, if any, to put on ice;
  • A list of content suggestions;

This is the fun bit. Typically, we create content in batches – filming and taking photos for a day or two every month and sharing the resulting content gradually over the following weeks. The creative side also requires a good degree of analysis – using our keyword research, competitor analysis and our understanding of your business and your customers, I need to create text that is informative and provides viewers an opportunity to interact with your brand.

3 men stand in a shop, decorated for Christmas. The man furthest to the left is writing on a clipboard, he is dressed in a red sweater and jeans. The man in the middle, wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, is looking suprised at the camera operated by the man on the right, wearing a black hoodie.

Having shared some form of content, it’s important to measure it’s effectiveness. This usually takes the form of a data sheet, updated weekly, showing key measurables including online following, level of engagement, etc.

Once complete, we return to Stage 3 and make adjustments to the content we’re creating based on the data we’ve collected and the reactions we’ve had from viewers. We use our marketing strategy to help decide which posts were the most successful and we endeavour to repeat that success.

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