As a content marketer, my job is to create video and images that viewers enjoy interacting with, that raise the profile of your business. The folks below, on the right are just some of the brands I’ve been working with.

My journey into marketing has it’s roots in music. I learnt about social media and online content as a means to promote my music. Music markting is hard, so people started asking how I grew my YouTube channel, how I could appear on BBC Radio, and how my content strategy worked. That’s when I discovered I could offer these skills as a service to other businesses and creative enterprises.

I can provide these services…

  • Content marketing
  • Video production & trailer editing
  • Product photography
  • Social media & community management
  • Creating press releases
  • Creating marketing plans

For these kinds of businesses / projects…

  • Quirky, independent businesses
  • Entertainers & performers
  • Solo musicians & bands
  • Artists & community arts groups
  • YouTube channels & podcasts
  • Independent filmmakers & production companies

On this page are examples of work from my marketing clients across Cambridge. Scroll down to see what I can offer your business or creative project.

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“I knew it was working when customers told me they’d seen us on Instagram and loved the videos so much they had to see the store for themselves”

Roger Lefever – Owner, The Department of Magical Gifts

Introduction to Copywriting – City, University of London, Feb 2022
The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Google Digital Garage, Jan 2022
The Strategy of Content Marketing – University of California, Davis, Nov 2021
Graphic Design – Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge, Nov 2022

Video is an incredibly important part of any online marketing campaign and, in my first months as a freelance marketer, I discovered social video to be one of my greatest strengths.

My background in music gives me the edge when it comes to video editing. Audio quality is one of the biggest indicators of amateurish and unprofessional video, so it’s a real advantage to understand processes like compression, EQ, etc, and to have plenty of tricks to record great audio in the first place.

This was the first video created for The Department of Magical Gifts to reach 10,000 views, inside of a weekend – a fantastic milestone for myself and for the store.

Watch the Reel here.

Most of the content we create for children’s etntertainer Magic Roman is magic tricks, delivered to the camera, demonstrating his skill as a magician and performer. Occasionally, we create video highlight reels showing how much fun young people have at his events to show his range and broad apeal.

Watch the Reel here.

The Freestyle Cowboy Showdown is a short parody of The Power Of The Dog (2021). Shot by Richard Jackson and Michelle Siu, one of my jobs was to create a trailer using their footage. The embedded trailer won Best Trailer at the 2022 DAFTA comedy awards.

I’ve been creating YouTube content for over a decade, so was well placed to create a snappy, short trailer to hook viewers and encourage them to watch the full parody. I’ve found that there’s a lot of crossover between editing social video and editing trailers – they’re both short form video designed to encourage viewers to take some form of follow-up action.

If you’d like to see more of my social video work, I’ve compiled an Instagram Guide.

Here are a few product images from The Department of Magical Gifts, Rose Crescent, who sell products from fantasy franchises such as Harry Potter, The Lord Of The Rings and The Witcher. One of the best things about working for this store is that their products are so vibrant, detailed and fascinating to look at. Many of their products are tiny, so I often use a lens extender to for a super close-up, macro feel.

Time and time again, I’m reminded that showing expressive faces in image posts was a straightforward way to improve engagement with a post.

When working with The Department of Magical Gifts, the challenge is finding ways to tell a stories about products over 2 or 3 still images.

We started using members of staff to add humour, which really resonated with our audience.

Product photography for Round Fox – who creates jewellery with polymer clay, resin and metalwork. As with The Department Of Magical Gifts, I often employ macro photography techniques to really show off the level of detail in these pieces. We also have fun with the set design, creating natural environments with fake and real plants.

Design principles are important to video editing and online media, but creating physical media also a great option for many marketing projects. Regular design projects include:

  • Posters to convey information to customers;
  • Business cards;
  • Merchandise such as stickers, t-shirts and mugs.

The written word is an integral part of any online presence or marketing campaign. Independent businesses often hire a video team to create excellent social video but they fail to put the same effort into the accompanying text so all their hard work is never seen. I’m pleased to offer my clients concise and audience-led copywriting as part of any marketing campaign.

Images and video aside, articles are another key aspect of any online marketing plan.

I wanted to put a spin on a typical listicle: rather than sharing 5 items and trying to convince readers to buy them, I started by sharing 5 stories of gifts I’d personally recieved and why they weren’t well recieved. This was an opportunity to be creative and funny, and helped readers understand why the 2nd half of the article would be so helpful to them.

Copywriting is important when working with traditional media forms such as print. Being able to create a compelling Press Release that conveys all the important information for a story, in a standardized format, is crucial when reaching out to tradtional media.

I’m pleased to have had several features in Cambridge Independent about creative projects including music and film

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