Learn Cubase Online

Learn Cubase online, for free with a Steinberg Certified Trainer.

The words "Music Producers, don't let your DAW win" on an image of a man angrily attacking a keyboard with a hammer.

Master Cubase with Expert Guidance – Learn while you watch! Are you new to Cubase and feeling intimidated by its interface and features? Don’t worry, join me every week for a live Cubase session where I create music from scratch and guide you through the process.

As a Steinberg Certified Trainer with over a decade of experience using Cubase, I’ll share my music composition ideas and answer your questions on production and theory. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, you’ll learn something new in my family-friendly stream. These sessions are designed to be applicable to any music software or instrument, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your skills. Subscribe now and learn Cubase with ease!

Is Cubase easy to learn? Yes, but the user interface can be daunting at first. Once you know the basic controls and you start creating with Cubase, you’ll be suprised how quickly you can make excellent music.

You can use the calendar below to see when the next Cubase livestream is and watch using the following links:

  • Twitch – Great for live interaction. Past broadcasts are only available temporarily;
  • YouTube – Watch live, contribute to the chat and catch all past broadcasts too;

Broadcast Schedule

Submit a Question?

Do you want to submit a question to be answered on the next live show? You can do that!

  • The best way to send a question is through the LTGuitarist Discord channel! The problem with social apps is that I won’t always see your messages unless I deliberately go looking for them so Discord is a great alternative for me. But, I appreciate Discord isn’t for everyone.
  • Anyone who supports me with a Ko-Fi subscription will get access to a private part of the LTGuitarist Discord. Questions posted in here will get priotity and I’ll go the extra mile to make sure your question is properly answered.
  • Alternatively, Twitch viewers can use channel points to highlight a chat message.
  • Or, send me a DM on Instagram or Twitter.

Past Broadcasts

Here’s a playlist of highlights from past broadcasts on YouTube. These are the tracks as they stand by the end of the 2 hour livestream – everything was written and recorded within that time.

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