I’m going live twice a week, creating music in Cubase, exploring music composition and answering your production or music theory questions. It’s a family friendly stream and most of the composition ideas will be relevant to any music software or instrument set. I’ve used Cubase to create music for over a decade and became a Steinberg Certified Trainer in 2021.

Here’s an overview of up-coming broadcasts including topics, times and, where possible, links. If I find a way to embed a live stream player here I will. You can catch the live broadcasts on a few platforms:

  • Twitch – Great for live interaction. Past broadcasts are only available temporarily;
  • YouTube – Watch live, contribute to the chat and catch all past broadcasts too;
  • Periscope – Twitter’s live video platform.

Broadcast Schedule

Submit a Question?

Do you want to submit a question to be answered on the next live show? You can do that!

  • The best way to send a question is through the dedicated Discord channel! The problem with social apps is that I won’t always see your messages unless I deliberately go looking for them. But, I appreciate Discord isn’t for everyone!
  • Alternatively, send me a DM on Instagram or Twitter.

Past Broadcasts

Here’s a playlist of previous broadcast projects on YouTube. Although they’re not live you can still watch the various music projects unfold throughout the broadcast.