Jay Foreman Interview

https://youtu.be/E6cTI_cU8Sg This week I'm really pleased to present this interview with musical comedian and YouTuber Jay Foreman. Jay is known for his brand of "silly educational videos". In this interview we discuss Jay's first musical experiences as a child; what led him to perform music and how this led to his first YouTube uploads; how … Continue reading Jay Foreman Interview

Dan Le Sac Interview

https://youtu.be/9LI3ShzDtLs Dan Le Sac is a beatmaker who rose to fame working with rapper and spoken word artist Scroobius Pip. Dan currently interviews various creators for his podcast, Falling Forward with Dan Le Sac, between uploading musical creations to the net and composing for games. In this interview we discuss the changing, (or not so … Continue reading Dan Le Sac Interview

Interview with Tantacrul

https://youtu.be/RxfXCdSMDO4 Interview with musican and YouTuber Martin Keary AKA Tantacrul. We chat about content creation for YouTube, learning from failure, the dark art of Reddit, Martin's journey as a musician, (so far), and how he ended up on YouTube. This chat actually got me thinking about the music I write and the videos I upload … Continue reading Interview with Tantacrul

Interview with 12Tone

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9b9PEd44D4 I sit down with 12Tone Videos to talk about their journey towards becoming a YouTube content creator and share advice for musicians and composers. 12Tone's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/12tonevideos You can also listen to this interview as a podcast - check out ep2 of the LTGuitarist podcast: Spotify Google Podcasts Breaker Anchor Overcast