Peaked Interest I'm thrilled that this video is out in the world. I was approached by Peaked Interest to create an origina l score for a new video, something synthie, something like a John Carpenter score. I'm pleased with the result and have got a playlist of the music in isolation here:

Jay Foreman Interview This week I'm really pleased to present this interview with musical comedian and YouTuber Jay Foreman. Jay is known for his brand of "silly educational videos". In this interview we discuss Jay's first musical experiences as a child; what led him to perform music and how this led to his first YouTube uploads; how … Continue reading Jay Foreman Interview

Answering YouTube Auto-Complete Questions About Guitar Answering the most searched-for questions about guitar on YouTube: quick-fire, unscripted and honest! Including: Do guitarists get carpal tunnel? Why do guitarists wear wristbands? Why do guitarists make faces? Why do guitarists hate Wonderwall? Should guitarist learn to read music? Should guitar strings be tight or loose? Should guitar strings be the same height? … Continue reading Answering YouTube Auto-Complete Questions About Guitar

Nobody Knows What They’re Doing

Do you feel like a fraud? Does anyone actually know what they're doing? Like, ever? Imposter Syndrome is a real problem for musicians and other creatives. The good news is that, in my opinion, no one really knows what they're doing most of the time.   

Know Your Strings Challenge! I take on the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE! OK, well, not ultimate, but it was pretty hard... Here are links to all the videos we used: Banjo: Ukulele: Pipa: Cigar box guitar: Viola: Morin Khuur / Horse head fiddle: Piano: Bouzouki: Guzheng: Cello:  

The Best Music Education Channels on YouTube Where do I go to learn about music theory, guitar, gear, and other instruments? These are my top 10 channels for learning music. Adam Neely Loudon Stearns Stephen Taylor Tantacrul 12tone Rob Chapman Vulfpeck Scott's Bass Lessons Rick Beato Reverb