Man looks down the camera lens, holding a green, 8-string electric guitar

My name is Liam Taylor, I am a musician, music educator and online content creator based in Cambridge, UK. I have become known for my humorous approach to music education and, contrastingly, my no-nonsense approach to the music industry.

I currently seeking opportunities to build my personal brand, including: appearances on other radio, podcast or YouTube shows; writing featured articles for print or online media; collaborations on or sponsorships for YouTube content.

Some music-related appearances include regular spots on BBC Radio Cambridge with Richard “Spanners” Ready; interviews on the Stereo Stickman podcast and PopMyMind.com. Non-musical appearences include the Remain Indoors podcast and Val Verde Broadcasting on YouTube.


Primarily, I am a guitarist but have experienced with keyboards, hardware synthesisers, percussion, lyrics and have orchestrated large-scale and experimental scores.
I continue to write music for and perform in a variety of projects including:

  • Blue Alatar – cinematic rock with elements of prog and sound design. Debut album, Irradiated Hamster Alert, released in September 2018.
  • The Musical Endeavour – started in July 2019 with the One Weekend E.P.: 5 tracks written and released over a single weekend, (we made a documentary about it). I continue to release experimental funk, fusion and lofi hip-hop as The Musical Endeavour.
    • The Musical Endeavour has been featured on Cambridgeshire’s BBC Introducing and Upload programs.
  • The Conversation Hat – I write most of the music for this comdy podcast. In 2021 we released a Mixtape of music from the show.

I also compose for multimedia under my own name.

  • Original score for Type Till You Bleed, short comedy horror film, winning Best Music in the 2022 Dark Hour awards;
  • Score & sound design for 2 short films, featured by The Globe for their Earth Day event in 2021;
  • Original score for audio dramas broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra and BBC Upload;
  • Audio idents and jingles used on Missed Apex Podcast, The Conversation Hat Podcast and BBC Radio Cambridgeshire;
  • Original music for marketing and video production clients including The Department of Magical Gifts in Cambridge;
  • I have a library of tracks available on Pond5 for commercial purposes.

Music Journalism

I have a wealth of experience as an independent music journalist, having written reviews, blogs and conducted regular interviews for the last 8 years.

In 2009 I founded Stabbed Panda Productions initially as a live events group. This grew to create educational resources for musicians, and act as a platform from which local artists could promote their material. I continued to write for the Stabbed Panda blog as it grew to become a well respected platform. Today it is known for the monthly Sexy Singles In Our Area blog and the Listen To This YouTube series hosted by Jay Plent, both of which shine a light on independent music talent.

Through Pro Tips and my comedy podcast, The Conversation Hat, I have conducted interviews with many musicians including Professor Elemental, Felix Martin, 12Tone, John Wheeler of Hayseed Dixie; as well as with comedians and online content creators including Ashens, Tez Ilyas, Steve McNeil and Tony Law.

I have also had articles published on:

Content Creation

My own YouTube channel, LTGuitarist, to which I upload guitar tutorials, professional musicianship advice and music production tips, surpassed 1,000 subscribers in 2018 and continues to grow. Between SPP and LTG, I have become known for a practical, no-nonsense approach to music creation and management, and encourage others to hold professionalism, good humor and positivity above everything else.

Odd Created Ltd was formed in 2018 as an overarching brand under which The Conversation Hat Podcast, Stabbed Panda and LTGuitarist could function. We offered content creation and marketing services until 2022 when I became a freelance digital marketer, providing those same services as a sole trader. Now, Odd Creative functions as a production company for the aforementioned projects and the occasional short film..

Music Education

I’ve spent many years teaching guitar, up to Grade 8, (Rockschool), along with some bass guitar and music theory. In fact, my career on YouTube began by creating resources to assist my private students. The older edutainment content on Stabbed Panda, including Music History and Pro Tips for Independent Bands continue to gain new viewers and are regularly used as classroom resources around the world.

From 2014-2021 I worked in music education support: repairing instruments, running live sound and lighting; teaching tech aspects of GCSE music using Cubase, Sibelius and Pro Tools. I’ve also had the great honour of accompanying students to perform at The Royal Albert Hall, the Music For Youth Festival in Birmingham and The Junction in Cambridge.

In March 2021 I became a Steinberg Certified Trainer.

Misc Credits

Goals, Facts & Stats

I believe that the world needs weird music. It’s my ambition to help musicians create interesting, diverse and thought-provoking music and to help them engage with people who appreciate the music they make.

I am is currently seeking opportunities to discuss the following on public forums:

  • Approaches to music education;
  • Approaches to music composition;
  • Actionable approaches to online music promotion;

My professional goals in doing so are:

  • Publicly contributing to the discourse on underground music promotion;
  • Raising my public profile amongst practicing musicians;

My personal goals are to:

  • Increase accessibility to music creation tools via free, practical and easy to understand online content – tackling snobbery and gatekeepers where necessary;
  • Enforce the importance of professionalism, respect and politeness at all times;
  • Challenge established ideas about the music industry – why are things they way they are? Is that really for the best? etc.

Stats as of Jan 2023:

  • Twitter followers, (LTGuitarist): 1,200
  • YouTube subscribers, (LTG): 3,000
  • YouTube subscribers, (SPP): 3,400
  • Blue Alatar have spent years in ReverbNation‘s local Top 10 Rock Chart for Cambridge, UK; most of that time has been within the top 3.