Type Till You Bleed

Towards the end of 2020 I was asked to come on board a project with the chaps at Val Verde Broadcasting, helping with the audio, sound design and composing the original score. This was a big job, but we’re all excited about the finished piece and extatic that it’s out in the world! Check out the trailer below.

I’ll add more info here as it becomes availae.


The Score

“Liam Taylor delivers an excellently understated score which works on many levels, especially for the more terrifying scenes. Taylor also does an exceptional job with the sound design which is a key part of this film which had to be done right or risk effecting the quality of the film.”

Apex Film Awards 2022

The film score will be available in some form, some time in the future. Watch this space.

Sound Design

I’ll share a few images from the sound design process here. Without giving too much away, I had to get pretty creative with some of the “fleshier” sounds. Below was one such session, recording with a contact mic between 2 pock chops as I sliced them up. Sounds awful, tasted great.


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