Here’s an intro to the music projects I’m currently running. In addition to these, I compose film scores and occasionally produce remixes under my own name.

The Musical Endeavour

The Musical Endeavour was born from the One Weekend E.P. project, where I and Si Pettit write and release a 5-track E.P. over the course of a weekend.

I’ve continued to released singles and E.P.s including fusions of funk, lofi, hip-hop and electronic styles, occasionally collaborating with other musicians. 


  • One Weekend short film & E.P., November 2019;
  • Ray of Light lofi hip-hop E.P. featuring vocals from Miss Jacqui;
  • Various singles released through 2020.

Blue Alatar

Cinematic, rock and fusion music often guitar-driven and featuring a variety of world instruments.

Blue Alatar is largely a solo endeavour, but I’m looking to collaborate for future releases.


  • Debut album, Irradiated Hamster Alert, was released in September 2018 to all major digital platforms;
  • Singles and remixes continue to be drip-released via BandCamp;
  • 4-track E.P., The Elements, is released June 4th 2021.

The Conversation Hat Podcast

Logo wBG_close

A comedy chat-show were a hat dictates what is discussed. Anything is up for discussion from the arts, to geek culture and films, to current affairs. Featuring guests from the local creative industries. 

I am one of the show’s 2 co-hosts and also create most of the original music. Highlights inlcude the opening jingle, and Cat Wedding which even got it’s own music video.

Visit for more.


Odd Creative

A group of multi-discipline creators from East Anglia, available for hire. We create short promo films, bespoke music, and assets for digital marketing campaigns for small and niche businesses. In addition to these services, Odd Creative is the over-arching brand under which The Conversation Hat Podcast, Stabbed Panda Music & LTGuitarist operate.

I am Odd Creative’s head honcho and lead composer. Odd Creative’s music credits include:

  • BBC Sounds – original score for audio drama;
  • BBC Upload – production and writing of of original audio drama;
  • Department of Magical Gifts, Cambridge – original “sound-alike” score for social media campaign.
  • Missed Apex Podcast – original jingle;
  • Mandy on the Moon – original jingle;

Learn more at

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