Nobody Knows What They’re Doing

Do you feel like a fraud? Does anyone actually know what they're doing? Like, ever? Imposter Syndrome is a real problem for musicians and other creatives. The good news is that, in my opinion, no one really knows what they're doing most of the time.   

Intervals: The Root Of Feeling Pun intended. Intervals are a massively important but often overlooked aspect of music theory, especially for guitar. Knowing what interval you're playing and what impact that has on your listener will make you a powerful composer and improviser.

How to Create Music Like your Favourite Bands

OK, but... er... why? I developed this concept back in the day when I¬†really¬†wanted to sound like Guns 'N' Roses, but obviously couldn't. So, why don't I just leave this concept in the draw-full of awkward teenage crap? Actually, it's super-useful if you ever need to parody a particular band, or if you've found work … Continue reading How to Create Music Like your Favourite Bands