Whammy & Harmonic Lick

In this lesson I’m demonstrating a lick which uses the whammy bar and a tapped harmonic. I’m also showing a way of getting much the same effect for those of you without whammy bars. I’ve slowed each lick down, and split it into sections, I’ll now go over each section in as much detail as … Continue reading Whammy & Harmonic Lick

Barre Chords 3: Introduction to Triple Stops

     You may already be used to the idea of double stops, where you use a pair of notes as part of a lead section or melody. Technically speaking, power chords are double stops because they don’t contain enough notes to be a proper chord. Triple stops are similarly used in either lead or … Continue reading Barre Chords 3: Introduction to Triple Stops

Barre Chords 2: Root On The D String

There are 2 shapes commonly employed on the D String. I’m only giving you with one shape for each as you should be comfortable, (or getting that way), with the idea of moveable chord shapes. Be aware that these chords are the same collection of notes, but in a slightly different order - This is called a different … Continue reading Barre Chords 2: Root On The D String

Thinking In Intervals: Tones & Semitones

The distance between notes is referred to as an Interval. When in reference to ascending or descending  a scale this is usually measured as either a Tone or a Semitone. One Tone is the same as two frets on a guitar, while a Semitone is one fret.  Anything larger than this would be said to be a … Continue reading Thinking In Intervals: Tones & Semitones