Blues-Rock Licks 1 & 2

These are the kind of licks you’d get from a blues-rock band, or perhaps in a melodic moment from someone much heavier. Good technique and knowledge of string bending, finger-rolling, and one note per string style licks is advisable, so maybe refresh your memory of these if you’re unsure. In almost all of these cases you’re bending the notes a full step up.
Be aware that I’m going into far more detail than perhaps is necessary, feel free to just go by what you see and hear in the vide.

Lick #1
             The first phrase in Lick #1 is really common amongst blues and rock players, and I confess that I lean on this much more than any other. Start by bending the 12th fret on your G string, and it should reach the same pitch as the note you then play on the 10th fret for the B string. I use a rolling technique to reach the next note as they are on the same fret.
Then play the 13th fret on your B string, pulling-off to the 10th. Then play the 13th fret again, this time bending quite quickly, (the sudden nature of this bend means that you don’t need to be so accurate). Bend that same note again, this time vibrating when you reach the intended pitch. The “r” indicates a return to the original, un-bent note.
Pull off from the 13th fret to the 10th, and then fret the 13th fret again, followed by a vibrato on the 10th fret.
Now, on the G string, pull-off from the 12th fret to the 10th, then perform a half-bend on the 12th fret, (with no particular target-note in mind), and pull-off to the 10th fret again.
Lastly, play the 12th fret on your D string, then the 10th fret, and vibrato on the 12th to finish.

Lick #2
             This one involved a repeated phrase, so out of simplicity I’ve written that the first part is to be repeated twice, (so played three times in all). Firstly, bend on the 13th fret of your B string to reach the same pitch as the 10th fret on the high E, which you then play. Now play the 13th fret on the B again, followed by the 10th fret on the same string.
Now bend the 12th fret of the G string to reach the pitch you just played. Play the 10th fret on the B, then the 13th, and the 10th again. Play all of this another two times.
Start the final part as we did the others by bending the 13th fret of the B string, then playing the 10th on the E. Then play the 13th fret on the B string, then the 10th. This time, bend the 13th fret of the high E string up a full-step, and return it with some vibrato.

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