The Phrygian Mode

Today we’re looking at the 3rd mode of the Major Scale – the Phrygian Mode.

Phrygian is a minor scale, so lets start with that formula. Here’s E Minor

R   2   m3   4    5    m6   m7
E   F#  G    A    B    C    D

The Phrygian mode has a flattened 2nd, but is otherwise identical.
R   b2   m3   4    5   m6   m7
E    F    G     A    B    C    D

Here is the tab for how you would play this, (refer to the video above for fingering)


Here is a list of songs written in the Phrygian Mode, (there’s a couple more than mentioned in the video – my gift to you!):
White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane
Hunter by Björk
Doctor Who Theme by Ron Grainer
War by Joe Satriani
Stargazer by Rainbow

While I’m busy working on the Phrygian Etude play around with this I, IV, V in Phrygian.

   I                                    IV                                       V
Cm                                 Fm                                   Gdim
Cm7                               Fm7                                 Gm7b5

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