The Spider Capo – review of a new kind of guitar accessory

An adaptation of the traditional capo which, rather than holding all strings on a particular fret will only hold the strings you select. This allows you to have a chord in the open position, without affecting your usual box and barre shapes further up the neck, allowing for some nifty chord voicings that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

It’s clear that, by design, you’re expected to hold open chords like Em, A, and other simpler ones, but it is possible to get some chords that are fretted  chords like G and D. You can see me experiment with this and other ideas in the video below.

You can buy your very own Spider Capo right here or by clicking on the image – this is an Amazon Affiliate link, which means I earn money when you purchase using this URL, but you don’t pay any more. While you’re there, why not buy a widescreen PC or a mortgage?

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