Question & Answer Guitar Soloing

Starting improvise or write guitar solos is really tricky and super awkward, but there’s not a lot of actionable advice about how to get started effectively. This video explains Question & Answer soloing which takes ques from how we form conversations in real life.

Here’s the example tab – the above part is the Question, ending on a 5th while the lower part is the Answer as it lands on the Tonic.

Both Bits.jpg

Here’s the list of ideas from the end of the video – a few things to try out and experiment with:

  • What happens if you try to answer the Question with a note other than the Root?
  • Do the questions and the Answers need to be the same length?
  • Can you ask several Questions with only one Answer?
  • What Questions can you ask from outside of the scale?
  • Do the notes leading up to the Question, (or up to the Answer), actually matter?
  • Can you ask or Answer a Question with just one note?

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