From Score to DAW

From Score to DAW: is there an easy way to move a piece of music from Digital Scoring Software, (Sibelius, Dorico, MuseScore, Guitar Pro, etc), to a Digital Audio Workstation, (Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton)?

There is, and this short tutorial explains a method that will work with almost any scoring software or DAW.

Why would you want to do this? Most software exists to fulfil a specific role – Scoring programs exist to make sure that you can easily produce scores that are playable by musicians whilst DAWs exist to create music either through digital instruments or recording with microphones, which can then be published. The fact that most scoring progams produce sound and most DAWs have some kind of rudimentary score window is just a bonus. I’ve worked with musicians, teachers and students who can excel at one or the other, but very rarely both, because they require a different set of skills to use. With this tip, you can create music in the software your comfortable with, then transfer it to a DAW in which you can make it sound like a real piece of music.

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