Blue Alatar: The Elements E.P.

I’m really excited to announce this new Blue Alatar E.P.! Cinematic folk-rock-fusion with dusting of electronic oddness; there’s some big riffs, but they’re not all on guitar.


These tracks are a slight divergence from the 2018 album. Less layers, greater variety of instruments, no longer driven by guitars. In terms of influence, I drew a lot from the Irish & Scottish folk music was raised on as well as more modern artists including Peatbog Faeries, Afro Celt Sound System and Ozric Tentacles.

(Updated on release day)

The 4-track E.P. went out to all major digital platforms on June 4th 2021. It’s available for streaming now on SoundCloud, Spotify and basically wherever you get your music these days. It’s also available as a pay-what-you-like download from Ko-Fi and BandCamp. Suggested download price is £8,000.

A further treat, most of the work on this E.P. was done live, on stream. If you really want to, you can watch me work on these tracks for several hours on this YouTube playlist.

Updates! Thanks for the attention:

Here’s an excellent clip from Outworld Sounds after hearing Through The Centre Of The Earth for the first time

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