8-Hour LoFi E.P.

Abstract photograph of a mixing desk, with distorted blue and orange LED lights. Image is the cover for The Musical Endeavour's 8-Hour LoFi E.P.
Cover of The Musical Endeavour’s 8-Hour LoFi E.P.

In December 2021 I set myself the challenge of writing, recording and releasing as much LoFi music as I could in a single, 8-hour session.

Over the years I’ve realized that something unique about me as a musician is that I can write pretty decent instrumental music in short amounts of time. I practice this often, live streaming with Cubase for 2 hours, twice a week. Results are mixed, but most of the time there’s something pretty cool by the end of the broadcast.

That’s why I set myself this challenge – I wanted to see how far I could push this skill. If I give myself a day, how much music could I write?

I used a combination of acoustic instruments, electronic synths and digital instruments inside of Cubase; along with a hardware cassette player.

You can watch me gradually lose my mind in the embedded player below.


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