What is Thickify?

Thickify is a distortion plugin, designed to add density and SWOLness to your audio tracks in a straightforward (and entertaining) manner.

Rocket Powered Sound created Thickify as a way for producers to create dense sounds without layers and layers of plugins. I’ve always loved using distrotion as a sound design tool because it can really transform sounds and every distortion plugin has a different way of achieving that so it’s helpful to have a few different plugins so you have options.

Interested in trying out Thickify for yourself? Visit the Rocket Powered Sound website and take advantage of the 7 day trial. Use the code LIAM46655 at checkout to get 10% off of Thickify! There’s a 14 day grace period, so if your tracks aren’t instantly SWOL you can get your money back.

See Thickify in action with this, the first of 2 livestreams playing around with the effect inside of Cubase Pro 11.

In the interests of transparency, this is a sponsored stream. The folks at Rocket Powered Sound sent me a gratis license for Thickify along with some store credit. The affiliate code above, as well as providing users with a discount, provides me with a portion of the sale. Keep in mind, I wouldn’t review or endorse something I didn’t use or enjoy myself.

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