Raw Circuits: New Sample Pack

Introducing the latest set of audio samples from LTGuitarist – a collection of chirps, beeps, screams, and more, all generated using a barebones oscillator on a breadboard.

I’ve spent considerable time experimenting with circuit bending video hardware and exploring how different IC chips respond to resistors and other components. As a result, I’m thrilled to offer this unique and exclusive sample pack of raw circuitry for free to our Ko-Fi members.

Cover art for the Raw Circuits sample pack from LTGuitarist.

The unpredictable and raw sounds produced by these chips inspired us to create a one-of-a-kind sample pack. With 41 samples created from raw circuitry, this pack is truly unique and impossible to recreate.

Check out the demo track where I use Native Instruments’ Battery to create a beat and incorporate some of these raw circuit samples. By repitching some of the shorter samples, I was able to create a basic melody. I then added a slight layer of compression to the drums, before levelling everything together to create a cohesive sound. It’s that easy.

Native Instruments' Battery, loaded into Cubase. The interface shows an example of how one might use the Raw Circuits samples.

This sample pack is available only to monthly supporters on Ko-Fi. Membership costs £1/month, it unlocks a secret area of my Discord server and allows you pay-what-you-like access to this and the rest of my sample library.

As far as I’m concerned you’ve paid for a licence and can use these wherever you like without needing to credit me. Of course, if you want to point others towards this sample pack that would be rad.

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