Interview on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

I was lucky enough to be invited onto BBC Radio Cambridgeshire to chat about YouTube, the local music scene, smart band management and everything between. Listen to the show with Richard "Spanners" Ready with this link, (if it's still available) - I appear 22 minute in, then again at 36 minutes. OR! Check out the … Continue reading Interview on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Know Your Strings Challenge! I take on the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE! OK, well, not ultimate, but it was pretty hard... Here are links to all the videos we used: Banjo: Ukulele: Pipa: Cigar box guitar: Viola: Morin Khuur / Horse head fiddle: Piano: Bouzouki: Guzheng: Cello:  

Does Gear Matter?

Adam Neely recently uploaded this video entitled "Does Gear Matter?" It's here, feel free to watch it before you watch mine, it's a good video. I agree with him entirely, but feel he stopped short of making a really crucial point. Crucial in my opinion anyway. The answer to "does gear matter?" is, in … Continue reading Does Gear Matter?

Let’s Do A Re-Brand, Yeah? Doing a bit of a re-brand on the old Ronnie Diz material. Keeping the main aesthetic and musical style, but changing the name. This video talks about the reasons behind the change,and what the new name means. If you're considering a new band name, maybe this years-old episode Make a note of the new … Continue reading Let’s Do A Re-Brand, Yeah?