The Heaviest Chords: Inverted Power Chords

Here's an epic chord voicing that will make your powerchord riffs sound heavier than you ever imagined! Welcome, my guitarist friends, to the heaviest chords: Inverted Power Chords. This is one of my favourite guitar hacks, I'm really excited to share it with you! Inverted C Power Chord Here's a tab for an inverted … Continue reading The Heaviest Chords: Inverted Power Chords

Intermediate String Bends

This is a staple blues / rock / metal trick that you will have heard at some point as a listener. If you need to, refresh your memory on the Bm scale and the ideas outlined in my first String Bending lesson. For the first bend you’ll want your first finger fretting the target pitch, which … Continue reading Intermediate String Bends

Memorizing The Fretboard

(I've stolen an image from for this. So there.) These are some tips and tricks to help you memorize the fretboard. Memorizing the fretboard will help you to instinctively know where to go in order to voice different chords. The first step is to remember the order of the open strings, which is as follows, (from … Continue reading Memorizing The Fretboard