School Recruitment

Man smiles whilst playing a green 8-string electric guitar, fingerstyle.

I’m looking for schools and music educators in the UK to collaborate on an Arts Council project. I’m seeking funds to produce a weekly, educational music livestreas for over a year – providing an extracurricular recource that students desperately need following a year without practical music lessons. These livestreams will be publicly available on Twitch & YouTube, focus on pratical applications of music composition and production ideas in Cubase, and have plenty of opportunitues for audience interaction and questions. Feedback from The Arts Council has been positive so far, they clearly see the vaule and need for a project like this, and they’ve asked me to recruit a handful of UK schools in order to guarantee I’ll reach students who’ll benefit the most.

Collaborators will be able to guide the content of these sessions, suggesting topics that would be of particular interest to their students, that might be outside of their speciality. Collaborators will be asked to encourage their students to attend the livestream events. I’d love to hear from you if any of the following apply:

  • Your school has zero, or limited Music Tech;
  • Your extracurricular provision has been damaged by Coronavirus to the extent that you might not return to normal by September 2021;
  • Your students have an interest in electronic music beyond what you’re able to provide;
  • You use Cubase in your KS3, GCSE or A Level classes.

To get in touch please fill in the following form: tell me what school you’re based at, how involved you’d like to be, and feel free to ask any questions.

For more about me and my background please visit my info page or find out more about current livestream shcedule here. You can also read this interview with Take It Away that goes into much more detail.