Portfolio of  guitar playing, sound design and compositions for various multi-media. Some of my higher-profile credits can also be found on IMDb.

Guitar Playing

I first picked up the guitar around my early-teens, (2003?), after several years of piano tuition and a very brief attempt at learning the violin. Having enrolled as a performing musician at Access To Music I began teaching guitar – working with some students to achieve a Grade 8 Rockschool award. I work mostly within music education, (music technology & private guitar tuition), both in the real-world and over YouTube.

In terms of genre, I’m pretty comfortable to playing in most electric styles. I find myself gravitating towards funky rhythms with quirky leads or chunky industrial-rock rhythms with epic, soulful rock soloing. I don’t go in much for the shred-style, but have been known to make a weird noise or two.

One of the most high-profile examples of my guitar playing is in Griffin Hammond’s Sriracha Documentary. Around ~6.00 in the video below, Griffin mentions the music he’s using – my track is playing in the background. You can find the full version of the track here.

I enjoy creating glitched-out guitar sound effects as per this video – using the MX-1 by Roland. I’ve had guitars sampled by electronic artists including Pixl.

For gear-heads, I play Cort CR-Custom and M600 Guitars, (who have been pretty generous with their endorsement), and Line 6 amp modelling. I will on occasion use a Fender 1960’s Telecaster, Dean fretless bass or 12 string electric guitar.

Music From Everyday Items

Selotape, balloons, pretty much anything that makes a noise, (and some things which wouldn’t normally).

Cinematic & Underscore Playlist

Scores created to demonstrate what I can do for projects requiring a contemporary cinematic feel. This first example of music was written for Odd Creative, who were commissioned to create some short promotional videos for The Department Of Magical Gifts in Cambridge – the accompanying music needed to feel like it could exist within the Harry Potter universe, without creating any copyright issues.

This YouTube playlist demonstrates both standalone cinematic music creations, and underscore for sketches and various projects.

Jingle & Intro Playlist

Jingles and short pieces of music created for YouTube shows, podcasts, that sort of thing. Most of the animations are mine as well.




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