Music Creation

I’ve created music for well over a decade, working in different styles, writing for film, creating jingles for radio, podcasts and YouTube channels. Here are some of the creative music services I can provide:

  • Composition & Sound Design. Watch the show-reel embedded below.
  • Jingles for Podcasts, YouTube Channels, etc; audio Birthday card for your Gran: I’m taking commissions on short-form music on my Ko-Fi page
  • Guitar. I’m eager to play guitar on as many tracks as possible – especially interested in funk rhythm playing and rock solos which I can fit into most styles. Guaranteed to make any track <40% more epic.

You can learn more about my commercially released music projects on my Music page.

Get in touch to talk about your music needs.

Cinematic Show-Reel:


Finding ways to connect with your audience, or even to grow a new audience from the ground up, is challenging. Moreso for creative endeavours. I spent much of my creative career trying to work out how I could get people to care about the music I was making and in 2021 I chose to dive deep into the marketing world to try and find an answer. Since then I’ve taken on a handful of clients including niche retail stores and performers, working to grow their brands online and create content that connects with people.

I’m avaible for:

  • Creating Press Releases.
  • Content Creation: audio, video, graphics and blogs.
  • Social Media Audits & Social Media Strategy.
  • Brand Coaching.

For more info, visit my Marketing Page.

Audio Services

Aside from music creation, I’m available for the following audio services:

  • Sound design for video and film.
  • Podcast Production, audio editing and repair.
  • Voiceover & Voiceover Production.

Not sure if what you need is covered above? Not sure what services you need? Feel free to get in touch!

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