Music Creation

I’ve created music for well over a decade, working in different styles, writing for film, creating jingles for radio, podcasts and YouTube channels. Here are some of the creative music services I can provide:

  • Composition & Sound Design. Watch the show-reel embedded below.
  • Jingles for Podcasts, YouTube Channels, etc; audio Birthday card for your Gran: I’m taking commissions on short-form music on my Ko-Fi page
  • Guitar. I’m eager to play guitar on as many tracks as possible – especially interested in funk rhythm playing and rock solos which I can fit into most styles. Guaranteed to make any track <40% more epic.

You can learn more about my commercially released music projects on my Music page.

Get in touch to talk about your music needs.

Cinematic Show-Reel:


Finding ways to connect with your audience, or even to grow a new audience from the ground up, is challenging. Moreso for creative endeavours. I spent much of my creative career trying to work out how I could get people to care about the music I was making and in 2021 I chose to dive deep into the marketing world to try and find an answer. Since then I’ve taken on a handful of clients including niche retail stores and performers, working to grow their brands online and create content that connects with people.

I’m avaible for:

  • Creating Press Releases.
  • Content Creation: audio, video, graphics and blogs.
  • Social Media Audits & Social Media Strategy.
  • Brand Coaching.
  • Creating funny one-liners for your industry on Fiverr.

You can read more about my experience in Music Journalism & Conent Creation from my About page.

If you’d like to get in touch to discuss your needs, please do so here.

Audio Services

Aside from music creation, I’m available for the following audio services:

  • Music Production.
    • Engineering small-scale recording sessions; especially adept at getting a good sound out of an imperfect space – ideal for “as live” recordings and demos.
    • Mixing, Mastering.
  • Podcast Production, audio editing and repair.
  • Sound Recordist for film & video projects.
  • Voiceover & Voiceover Production.

Not sure if what you need is covered above? Not sure what services you need? Feel free to get in touch!

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