Korg Monologue vs A Potato [Spoof Product Showdown]

Which of these new synthesizers is the better value for money: The Korg Monologue or a Potato? In this synth showdown we review the key features of each musical instrument and examine the features that *really* matter.Also, chips.It's not a real review, idiot. https://youtu.be/ybuLsE4kV2chttps://youtu.be/ybuLsE4kV2c

Glitchy Synth Jam!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRoZ6F7xbtI I love making glitchy music. Even better now that I have a glitchy video setup to complement it. Here we have a semi-improvised, glitchy synth jam. Equipment used: Novation Circuit providing the beat; Korg Monologue for the bass with the Dark Star by Old Blood Noise Endeavours adding reverb; The reverb is modulated with … Continue reading Glitchy Synth Jam!